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About Our Business

William John McClelland, known as Bill, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1949, establishing his inaugural glass shop at 49 Colborne Street West after a 21-year tenure alongside his father. With a team of nine individuals, including his three sons, Bill nurtured the business into a formidable entity. Following his retirement at the age of 90, his sons assumed the reins, upholding the family legacy. Bill's passing in October 2002 marked a transition in the company's stewardship. 

Presently, McClelland Glass stands as a testament to three generations of dedicated family ownership and operation. Embracing traditional values, we prioritize direct customer engagement, employing paper and pencil as our preferred tools of communication. While maintaining a digital presence through our website, Facebook page, and email, we prioritize personal interaction.

Specializing in glass services of all kinds, including custom showers, commercial door repairs, window screen maintenance (featuring PET durable screening), and traditional wood sash window glass replacement. Additionally, our inventory encompasses acrylics of varying thicknesses, as well as clear and tinted mirrors and glass. 

Committed to serving our clientele promptly, we extend 24-hour emergency services to address incidents such as break-ins, vandalism, and accidents. Clients can reach us at 519-752-5434 for immediate assistance, ensuring their needs are promptly met, irrespective of the hour.

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