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About Our Business

After working with his father for 21 years, William John McClelland (Bill) opened his first glass shop in 1944 on Gilkison Street in Brantford. Incorporating his business in 1945 and building his new shop on Colborne Street West in 1949, he employed 9 people. Bill and his 3 sons worked together to build a well-established business and after retiring when he was 90 years old, his sons continued this venture. Bill passed away in October 2002.

Today, McClelland Glass has 9 employees, 6 of which are family. We are an old-fashioned family business, dealing directly with customers through verbal communication. You will never get an automated receptionist, which means we don't have voice mail that doesn't get listened to.

McClelland Glass offers AFTER-HOURS EMERGENCY SERVICE for break-ins, vandalism, accidents, etc. to ensure that your needs are taken care of whenever you need us.

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